Viet Brand Invest Joint Stock Company (referred to as Vietbrand, UPCOM stock code: “ABR”) is a leading investment company in Vietnam which specializes in digital communication and investment in retail channel and brands.

When it was first established in 2012, the Company was named Kien An Wood Processing Joint Stock Company which was specializing in wood and furniture processing. In the following years, the Company expanded its business and diversified business activities, including fashion, textile, footwear, retail, and focused on developing coffee distribution channels and communication services.

In accordance with its development orientation and strategy in the field of digital communication, retail and brand investment, the Company was renamed to Viet Brand Invest Joint Stock Company and tripled its charter capital (from VND 10 billion to 30 billion) in 2015. The Company became a public company in 2016.

Along with the rapid development and transformation of the Vietnamese economy, Vietbrand has constantly expanded its scale and orientated to affirm its pioneering position in the digital communication industry, investing in distribution channels and brands. The Company has owned well-known brands such as Dalat Land Coffee, Journey Men Style, U-Men, D + Media.

Vietbrand is currently focusing on promoting business supporting activities, financial and investment advisory. The Company also pays special attention to the field of digital communication and actively seeks investment opportunities in promising areas such as telecommunications, real estate etc. to maximize benefits for its domestic and foreign investors.