Organizational chart of Viet Brand Invest Joint Stock Company 


Introducing the special function Department of the Company

1 / Internal Auditing Department:

Checking Service Quality: check service quality in the business areas and within the company.

Supervise: supervising financial and personnel activities in the company. Advising the Board of Managements on the supervision and inspection of internal operations of the Company.

2 / Office Administration - Human Resources:

About personnel:

To advise the Board of Directors - Board of Managements on labor and employment. Organizing domestic and foreign training courses; recruitment; evaluate, standardize titles, raise annual salary for members; advising on the work of Salary-Wages according to the Company's salary regulations and the Labor Code.

Promptly resolve the policies, benefits on insurance for employees.

About administrative work:

Establish procedures of Department; Manage assets, tools and equipment of the company; administrate office buildings, branches and all assets of the Company;

Combine with Union, organize internal PR events.

Control and issue guidance on the application of the system of document standards as prescribed.

Managing seals, archives.

Safety work against fire and explosion, Security order.

3 / Finance - Accounting Department:

Organize and direct all financial and accounting activities of the Company in accordance with the State's regimes, policies and laws, according to the Company's Charter of organization and operation, financial regulations.

Develop annual and long-term financial plans according to the Company's production and business plans, submit them to the Board of Directors and the General Director for approval.

Carry out procedures to mobilize capital sources, credit loans, bank loans, other financial institutions ... Fully prepare investment capital according to plans and investment schedule for of the Company.

Prepare annual and periodic financial statements according to the laws and Company's financial regulations. Summarizing the report according to the functions and tasks of the room and at the request of the Company's leader.

Pay taxes and other contributions as prescribed by law and the Company.

Summarize and analyze the results of the Company's production and business activities, propose appropriate financial management measures in the Company's production and business activities.

Retain and preserve the records formed during the performance of room functions and duties.

4 / Brand Investment Department:

Research the potential for development and profitability of good brands in the market. Analyze and make choices about the level of investment, the investment time as well as the most optimal investment brands.

Planning investment, developing and expanding the brand network invested by the company.

Develop long-term, medium-term, short-term plans, monthly, quarterly and annual plans. Supervise the production and business activities and the schedule of the Company's subsidiaries' capital contribution plans. Research, proposals, directions, strategies and investment projects suitable to the Company's resources in each stage of development.

Ensure the performance of its operations, the Brand Investment Department is divided into 3 divisions with different functions, including: Investment Department, Analysis Department, Development Department.

5 / Distribution channel

Connect information necessary for marketing planning and facilitate the exchange of products and services.

Deploy and disseminate persuasive information about the product to attract customers.

Find out and communicate to prospects.

Demand formats and product delivery adapt to customer needs. This includes activities such as manufacturing, loading, assembling and packaging.

Try to reach a final agreement on prices and other relevant conditions to make the transfer of ownership or right to use the product.

Shipping and inventory.

Mobilizing and allocating necessary capital to reserve, transport, sell and pay operating expenses of distribution channels.

With the purpose of maximizing the work efficiency, the Distribution Channel is divided into 2 parts with separate activities including: Distribution Channel Development Department and Sale Department.

6 / Digital Communication Department:

Internal communications. Relations with the press, partners; community relations; Dealing with crisis; Event management and organization; Event planning; Admin; Marketing communications.

Plan marketing strategies and introduce domestic business products and expand exports. Archive printing sales documents, customer information.

Build and control the Company's media regulations; building communication strategy and implementation plan.

Carry out activities to develop the company's image internally and publicly; branding the Company, product branding according to the Company's strategy.

Implement and controlling communication activities according to regulations, coordinating the implementation of communication activities.

Is the mouthpiece of the Company, implements relationships with government agencies, media agencies, customers and partners.

In order to ensure its operational efficiency, the Digital Communications Department is divided into 2 divisions with different functions, including: Communication Department, Sale Department, Digital Department.