Digital Communication:

In the era of globalization and the rapid development of science and technology, digital communication is a key technology industry and brings unprecedented benefits to the whole society. The proportion of Vietnamese people accessing internet services, digital media and technology applications has grown impressively in recent years.



Recognizing this development trend, Viet Brand Invest Joint Stock Company is looking for investment opportunities in telecommunications, digital media such as: installation of landline phones, installation and supply internet services, providing telecommunication services, providing digital television services etc.

In order to serve our target customers, who need to advertise and marketing extensively in the market, the Company is aiming to build a new high-level communication network with the combination of current technology application and broad coverage to the target audience of the customers.

To reach the goals, the Company cooperates with reputable consulting organizations such as Nielsen, TNS etc. to assist in classifying and identifying target audience segments and advising the customers the most effective means of communication in their business.