1. Operation goal

With the company's financial resources, the organization of investment and management of new operating brands, somehow gained a foothold in the market. Since then, accelerate the pace of development and effectiveness of the company's market strategy.
2.The target audience

Newly established brands have low financial potential, but if they can take full advantage of their advantages, they can easily achieve effective business operations.


Therefore, the goal in this investment strategy is to create new brands, have a certain position in the market and have high growth rates; thereby contributing to rapid capital recovery and profits.
Focus areas: fashion, catering services, entertainment services, ... With young customer segment.

3. Existing brand name

Digital media field: D + Media.
Fashion business: Journey Men Style, Umen.
Trading in food and beverage: DaLat Union Coffee.

4. 5-year development plan

2015-2016: invest, manage and build a solid brand structure for 3 brands in the Southern market in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular.
2016-2020: consolidating, stabilizing the position and expanding the market of brands. At the same time, investing in other emerging potential brands to restructure following VietBrand's strategic direction.